About CCHF (Centi Franc)

The Centi Franc Stablecoin (CCHF) is the ideal digital payment token. It combines all of the advantages of cash with the convenience of electronic payments. The CCHF token is designed to facilitate micropayments, but best of all, it is 1:1 backed by a Swiss Bank Guarantee. Read our full token terms here.

Q: How does Centi ensure the stability of its stablecoin? How is the value pegged and what guarantees its stability?

A: Centi maintains the stability of its stablecoin by offering a 1:1 exchange with CHF (Swiss Franc), though fees may apply. In the event of a Centi default, your token is insured by a Swiss bank’s default guarantee. You have the option to contact us at any point to exchange your Centi Franc (CCHF) for CHF.

It’s important to note that Centi has no control over the trading or pricing of Centi Franc in secondary markets.

Q: Can you provide more details about the Swiss bank guarantee?  How does this work and what level of security does it provide for my assets?

A: The Swiss bank guarantee is a part of the legally binding agreement between Centi Ltd and each Centi Franc (CCHF) holder. If a holder is unsatisfied, they can enforce this contract in the courts of Zürich, Switzerland. If Centi were to default, holders can raise a claim against the bank guarantee. For more in-depth information, please refer to our token terms at centi.ch/centi-franc.

Q: If the stablecoin’s value fluctuates, how would that impact transactions?

A: It’s crucial to note that Centi does not control the trading or pricing of Centi Franc on secondary markets. However, when you, as a merchant, accept Centi Franc, it always maintains a 1:1 ratio. This is also the exchange rate we apply when converting Centi Francs on your behalf to facilitate the receipt of funds in your account.

Q: How straightforward is the process if I want to convert my Centi stablecoins back into my local currency? Is there a limit on how much I can convert at a time?

A: Currently, Centi Ltd only supports conversions from Centi Franc to CHF (Swiss Franc). Any potential currency conversion fees should be verified with your bank, and it’s important to ensure that your bank account can receive CHF.

The current monthly limit for consumers is 1000 CHF. If you need to exchange more than this amount, please get in touch with us.


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Do you have additional questions? Check our knowledge-base here https://centi.ch/faq/knowledge-base. We are happy to help you with additional questions and you can reach us under support@centi.ch!