Centi allows you to accept Centi Franc as well as other digital means of payments either issued by you or others from your issuers. You should know that Centi  is an electronic cash payments enabler, which means no settlement times, no possible personal data breaches, no chargebacks or disputes — completely hassle free. All of this while you still remain the option to retain and recognize your customers. All of this this is fully integrated within your regular payment systems and you are paid out periodically for all BSV and digital cash payments. In fact, you don’t need to understand Bitcoin technology as we seamlessly integrate into your business. Furthermore, Centi offers attractive fees and if you agree to be listed in the Centi Merchant Directory, additional clients can find you. You have the unique chance to become part of the first Bitcoin merchant network which achieves a decent network effect for Bitcoin. Rest assured, our features are redefining how you think of payments.

Q: How widespread is the use of Centi? Are there many consumers who are familiar with it and ready to use it?

A: The Centi App is rapidly growing in popularity with a constantly increasing user base. Additionally, there are numerous users of other digital cash apps that are compatible with our invoicing methods. This means these users can also choose this option for payment.

Q: I don’t want to adopt a payment method that’s not widely accepted or understood by my customers.

A: We understand the need for broad acceptance of any new payment method. Fortunately, the Centi platform and digital cash apps are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. As our user base expands, familiarity and acceptance among consumers continue to grow.

Training: Q: Will my staff need to be trained to use Centi? If so, do you provide resources or assistance for that?

A: No training needed for 90% of our solutions. For our event solutions it is advisable to familiarize personnel how the web-cashier or the web-scanner are used. These are very straightforward to use however.

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