Download App & Register

Step 1: Start by downloading the Centi App from our official website. Ensure you select the right version for your needs. Link to App Download:

Step 2: Upon launching the Centi App, you’ll be prompted to register. Follow these steps:

Step 3: After a successful registration, you’ll receive a confirmation email in your inbox. Please click the link to confirm your email.

Step 4: Confirm your email by clicking on the link, and you’ll proceed to phone number verification. You’ll receive an SMS with a verification code. Once you enter it you will be immediately taken to the next step.

Step 5: Once your email and phone number are confirmed, create your Paymail. It will be linked to your wallet, allowing you to securely share wallet details with other users.

Step 6: You must record and write down your mnemonic words (Find more information here: These mnemonic words guarantee access to your wallet at all times. Please confirm the secure storage of your mnemonic words to us before you continue.

Step 7: And voilà, you will be directed to the home-screen of your wallet.

Do you have additional questions? Check our knowledge-base here We are happy to help you with additional questions and you can reach us under!