Downloading the app is really easy and seamless.

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Downloading the app is really easy and seamless, just click below!
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It’s truly a great app for people on the go just like you!

Centi App has been released on Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

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    Centi plans to redefine payments

    Send and receive Bitcoin and other means of payment

    You are in full control

    Start to make your digital payments just as you do your physical cash payment.
    You stay in control at all times and only you can authorize a transaction.
    digital payments just as you do your physical cash payment


    See what you have and easily reach everything you need in a click or two. Press the Top-Up icon in order to purchase digital cash. Press receive to transfer from another wallet or receive from friends.
    Centi App Overview
    Centi app scan payment QR-codes

    Scan / Pay

    Click the scanner icon on the bottom to scan payment QR-codes. Check and confirm, as easy as that. Use the paper airplane on the scanner page or click the token you'd like to send from the overview screen to do a manual send.


    The Centi app gives you access to an in-app shop which features various merchants. Avail of various products and services for redemption, such as e.g. tickets and coupons. Centi app users should check out our list of merchants as many of them will be running exciting promotions or giving out special discounts exclusive for Centi app users. Watch out for special event QR codes which customize the Centi in-app shop for an entire space or event!
    Centi InApp purchases