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Shopping with Centi

Buy what you love with Centi. Shopping the way it should be.


No personal data breaches

You authorize what you pay, always!


Hygienic, fully contactless

No PIN entry on terminal, no matter the amount!


Spend your favourite digital cash, Bitcoinˢᵛ

It just works!

Fair and dynamically updated exchange rates at no mark-up for you.

Our happy customers are our asset!

Paying online with Centi

You are in full control

Start to make your digital payments just as you do your physical cash payment. You stay in control at all times and only you can authorize a transaction.

Open system, compatible with all your favourite Bitcoinˢᵛ wallets
Don’t have a compatible wallet yet? Check out our wallet compatibility section in our FAQ!
Pay in electronic cash, no identity-details are collected or associated with the purchase.
We don’t know nor care what kind of underwear you buy 😉
Fair and dynamically updated exchange rates at no mark-up for you.
Our happy customers are our asset!
Shopping with Centi

How we stack up

See how paying with Bitcoinsv compares to other payment options.

Image Debit or Credit card
No collection of personal details Possible data breaches and card data theft
Hygienic and fully contact less PIN entry on touchpad required
No yearly subscription fees, costs for card issuance or other hidden fees Often yearly fee and other hidden fees
Pay with peer to peer electronic cash Anyone with the card details can pull from your account or credit line
You are in full control of your wallet Card can be blocked from the issuer’s side causing inconvenience
Receive attractive promotions directly to your wallet All bonus programs and promotions require signing up and giving out of personal details
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