Centi Stablecoins are your Safe Harbour

Stop worrying about the stability of your Stablecoins. Centi Stablecoins are covered by a Swiss Bank Guarantee.

Centi Stablecoins run on a highly performant layer 1 blockchain with negligible processing fees, facilitating instant transactions.

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The reasons for holding a Centi Stablecoin are diverse but all share the commonality of a Swiss Bank Guarantee. Some just want to hold Centi Stablecoins as a digital alternative to physical bank notes; others simply want to use these coins to make payments. At Centi there is no political agenda. The token can be freely transferred to 3rd parties without Centi being able to freeze token wallets. Centi Stablecoins have guaranteed FIAT currency backing; always!


Tired of getting charged high payment card transaction fees? Centi has the solution for you! To facilitate the acceptance of our Stablecoins as a payment option, Centi has developed a variety of Merchant Solutions, which allow you to accept payment in Centi Stablecoins which then get settled into your regular FIAT currency bank account. There is no need to change accounting procedures or to acquire any digital currency know-how. Centi is your one-stop low-cost payment solution provider. Contact us to learn more.


If you represent a Digital Currency Exchange and want to offer your clients access to a Safe Harbour Stablecoin with the backing of a Swiss Bank Guarantee, we should discuss a listing.

Micropayment Business Cases

We know you have been waiting for this capability for quite a while – a highly performant web3 payments infrastructure that allows you to accept individual micropayments as well as to stream content against a stream of money. Centi offers new ways to monetize your business. Start now and effortlessly integrate our solution. We offer different integration options which can also be White-Labeled just for you. We are waiting to hear from you.

B2B Payments

B2B Payments and Intercompany Transfers

We know about the complexity of international supply chain payment transactions and the related hefty fees, counterparty risks, lengthy processing times, etc. With our Stablecoins you can route payments across jurisdictions in seconds. You can optimize your working capital and eliminate the use of intermediaries. Talk to us to learn more.


Are you interested in the use of the Centi Payment Network in your business? All of our core technology is available on a White-Label basis.
We have franchising opportunities available. If you are interested in offering the benefits of Centi’s technology and the use of its Stablecoins to merchants in your region,  let’s discuss this opportunity.


We have open APIs available for you to quickly build your dApp running on a highly performant infrastructure with the reassurance of a Swiss Bank Guarantee. We are looking forward to hearing more about your project. Contact us!

Blockchain Protocols

Centi is a blockchain-agnostic payment infrastructure solution. If you represent a blockchain, which is highly performant and offers negligible transaction fees; and, if your project is looking for a Stablecoin that comes with the assurance of a Swiss Bank Guarantee, we should talk.