Event Hosts: Transform, Save Personnel, Go Digital!

Centi provides Events with easy to implement solutions for a holistic 360 degree approach ranging from Pre Event Services (Ticketing), Actual Events (Payments, Food & Beverages, Merchandise) as well as community functions (Loyalty) at phenomenal fees!

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A holistic 360 degree approach

Please learn more about how Centi disrupts the current Event-Solutions landscape, providing events with a holistic 360 Degree Approach to everything involving a payment. Starting from purchasing the ticket, going to incentivizing your guests to visit the next time

Centi payment solution for events
Issue and check digital tickets, but best of all, you can also sell them directly through the Centi Consumer App bypassing expensive ticketing services.
Create digital merchandise and allow visitors to collect digital items and interact with your event through these.
Retain your visitors by giving them attractive perks such that they will not miss out on your next event.

Pre Event

Learn more about how Centi can help you sell tickets and onboard visitors before your event begins. Bypass expensive ticketing services.

Actual Event

Check tickets and minimize the amount of personnel needed to man cashiers by allowing visitors to purchase their food vouchers in app.

Post Event

Engage with your customers after the event to retain them and have them spend the remaining digital cash instead of swapping it back.