Learn all about Centi Ltd, what we have achieved and where we want to go in the future.

digital payments just as you do your physical cash payment


Electronic cash payments to benefit consumers and merchants alike.

At Centi, we think we can drastically change the way payments are perceived. The Bitcoinˢᵛ technology allows us to make the payment experience multi-lateral and provide real value-add solutions which will be much more than just another payment option. Click on “Get Updates” below to be the first to know when we release features or products.

History & Outlook

  1. Coming up
    First product launch
  2. Coming up
    Partner integration announcement
  3. August 2020
    Regulatory clearance (VQF membership)
  4. July 2020
    Centi backend load test successful
  5. July 2020
    Centi Ltd. closes seed round
  6. April 2020
    Start of backend development
  7. March 2020
    Centi Ltd. is founded


Contact address

Centi Ltd
Im Schilf 4
8044 Zürich

Authorized representative(s)

Bernhard Müller, General Manager

Commercial registry entry
Registered company name:

Centi Ltd (AG / SA)

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