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Get a quick overview of the areas we are active in. For custom integrations we offer a streamlined API.

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Point of Sales & e-commerce

Point of Sales & e-commerce

Integrate us through one of the supported Payment Service Providers or directly using various supported methods. Launch your own promotions and accept custom means of payment through our token features.

Media, Pay per Use

Centi provides the Media-Industry with solutions dedicated around micropayments for paid content and offers tools for customer retention and driving subscriptions also.

Media, Pay per Use
Centi’s Event Management


Centi’s Event Management WebApp in combination with the Consumer App provides a holistic 360 degree approach to everything involving payments, tickets and coupons for your event.


Centi is providing any industry with a dedicated payment API that is suitable for Micropayments and many other Centi value-add features.

dedicated payment API

Our expertise in API integration services

The implementation of this API is possible in any industry. However, Centi has developed three major implementations that are ready out of the box. Learn more about those use cases.

Media Industry

Pay per use is going to to be major pilar of the quality media industry of the future. Be at the forefront with our direct paywall integration! Convert non paying readers into paying readers!

Event Industry

360° Event suite, take care of ticketing, vending cycles, payment for your event including dedicated purpose vouchers like crew consumption credits. Without Point of Sale hardware.

Retail / Ecommerce

Enable Centi as a payment directly or through a Payment Service Provider and profit from more sales through Centi's unique features like being able to create your own loyalty program!


This is the API for Centi payment handling. It allows to create a various types of invoices and checking current payment status.