Media Managers, Boost Your Revenue Stream

Media Meets Micropayments: Online publishers  make more by allowing visitors to consume premium media the way they want to.

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Media Meets Micropayments
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Key Offerings of CENTI

Turbocharge your media revenue with user friendly micropayments with Centi.

Ultra low transaction fees
Keep more of what you earn.
Easy to integrate
You will find our plugins and APIs to be simple to integrate into your site or paywall!
Access to a new revenue stream
Be at the forefront of pay-per use which is a huge consumer trend online!

How API integration services works?


Enabling Paid Content

The Centi MediaPay product is ideally suited to enable paywall integrations and allow your page visitors to pay for premium content without need for subscription or lengthy entering of personal details.

Collect digital cash directly from your consumers

Turn your Paywall from a Visitor-Rejecter into a Cash-Collector!

Collect digital cash directly from your consumers without bothering them to give all their details while retaining customers loyalty.

Increase Your Audience Base
83% of the population use digital retail. How many of this percentage have premium subscriptions? How many would be interested to pay-per-content if given the option?
Be in the Sweet Spot
46% of customers use a mobile wallet. This places CENTI in a sweet spot because only Centi offers micropayments.
Bridge the Gap by Busting the Paywall
Centi's Micropayments will bridge more readers with publishers. Imagine how happy your readers will be!
Centi's Micropayments will bridge more readers with publishers