Q: Could you elaborate on the security measures Centi has in place? How do you ensure protection against fraud and hacking, despite being more secure than traditional payment methods?

A: At Centi, we guarantee a secure exchange of the accepted digital cash for money on the bank account contractually. When you see the green tick mark from our merchant integration or receive the receipt email, you can rest assured that you will automatically get the money from us in exchange for the digital cash collected.

Moreover, you are entirely protected against chargebacks. A Centi payment, much like a cash payment, is final. This means there is no possibility for a consumer to block these funds or cause difficulties later on. You can provide a refund, but the consumer will have to reach out to you for it. It’s worth noting that 86% of all filed chargebacks are attempts at chargeback fraud (, something all too familiar for online sellers.

Centi helps combat fraud by ensuring clarity for the consumer during payment, specifying the amount and recipient. Many instances of card fraud involve victims being misled into “verifying” their account using a card or believing they will receive money upon sharing card details. With Centi, receiving and sending processes are distinct and unmistakable.

We also uphold a serious commitment to data privacy. For more information, please refer to our privacy policy at

A: The risk of a 51% attack is managed by Centi. We guarantee you the exchange amount after collection. It’s important to note that orchestrating a 51% attack is too expensive relative to what can be gained from an average consumer payment.

Q: How does Centi handle double-spending attacks?

A: Centi payments and the Centi Franc operate on a blockchain where miners strictly enforce the “first seen rule”. This means that once the miners confirm to Centi that they will mine a transaction, as there is no competing transaction detected, it will be mined. The transaction is prepared peer-to-peer, allowing the merchant to verify the transaction before it is broadcasted to the network. Furthermore, it is broadcasted from the merchant side, which makes timing a double spend almost impossible for an attacker. If a competing transaction is broadcasted too early, we decline the payment. If it is broadcasted too late, miners enforce the first seen rule.

Q: Have there been any double spends or 51% attacks against any of the payments Centi has collected?

A: To date, there have been no double spends or 51% attacks against any of the payments we have collected.

Q: I’d have more questions. Is it crucial to have a thorough understanding of any new system before integrating it into a business?

A: Absolutely. Thorough understanding and careful evaluation are essential steps before integrating any new system into your business. We’re here to answer any questions you have to ensure you feel confident about the integration process.

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