Protecting Web3

Protecting Web3: Centi’s Stand on Security

At Centi Ltd we are committed to promoting financial inclusion, empowerment, and security. We’ve built Centi as an easy-to-use gateway to Web3 technology, offering a versatile alternative to traditional banking and credit cards. We strive to make digital payments accessible, efficient, and secure for everyone, irrespective of their background or financial status.

However, as we expand access to these innovative tools, we remain equally dedicated to protecting the integrity of the Web3 ecosystem. Think of Web3 as a vibrant garden of innovation and collaboration – Centi is one of the gatekeepers. While we aim to invite everyone in, our priority is to protect this space from potential misuse.

We’ve noticed attempts to exploit our products and disturb this thriving garden. Such actions are unacceptable, prompting us to introduce identity checks for credit card top-ups. While this may raise questions considering our emphasis on privacy and seamless transactions, we assure you that this action is a preventative measure against abuse, not against our valued users. Your data stays private with us.

This change is specific to credit card top-ups; cash and bank top-ups will continue without any identification requirements. We aim to balance security with the convenience that Centi offers.

Our goal remains the same: To offer a safe, secure, and user-friendly platform that empowers everyone to participate in the digital economy. We believe that these additional checks will maintain the integrity of our platform and the wider Web3 ecosystem, while still providing an easy gateway to digital cash payments.