Payout Options

Q: How fast are transactions processed on the Centi platform?

A: Transactions on the Centi platform are processed rapidly. In fact, 99% of all transactions are processed within 2 seconds. This means your customers can make payments quickly and smoothly.

Q: Are there any delays that could affect the customer experience or my business operations?

A: Centi is designed as a real-time payments experience. Our quick processing times minimize delays and ensure a seamless customer experience that shouldn’t affect your business operations.

Q: How do I get my money as a merchant?

A: You give us our bank account details, we pay you periodically for all payments collected in either Centi Franc or other forms of digital cash. Currently, only full conversion to local currency is supported for digital cash. All means of payments which you may have issued such as vouchers and coupons you keep after collecting them. These will not be converted for you.

Q: Can I choose to rather keep the digital cash?

A: If there will be demand by enough merchants to keep some or all of the of the Centi Francs, Bitcoinˢᵛ or other  digital cash, we may consider offering configuration for this.

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