Q: How does Centi handle my data? What measures are taken to protect the privacy of my transactions?

A: At Centi, we treat the data you provide with the utmost care and in full compliance with rules and regulations. You can learn more about our data handling practices by checking our privacy notice at

Centi ensures your privacy but not anonymity. This means that Centi and the merchant may be aware of transaction details such as the paymail address used and the exact transaction ID. We may also log additional details, like your IP address.

Importantly, we do not record transaction metadata, such as your paymail handle, on the blockchain. This information remains private within our system. Merchants can only access data related to transactions you made with them, not those made with other merchants within the Centi ecosystem.

Centi is an electronic cash payment enabler to the consumer and merchant alike. Neither the merchant nor Centi know the identity of the person who makes the payment unless a customer opts in for identification (to make use of features which would require identification in the future). Customers who are very privacy aware should ensure privacy measures are taken on the side of their used wallet interface software. Please read our Centi App privacy policy here.

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