Warning of Phishing and Scams

It has come to our attention that internet fraudsters lead users to think they are engaging with popular internet platforms, specifically second hand marketplaces. Through phishing emails and  other means these fraudsters gain victims’ confidence and get them to “verify” their accounts with these platforms. Alternatively, they tell victims that they want to “buy” their second-hand products and lead victims to believe that they have to enter their credit card details in order to receive money later. These fraudsters manage to mask the credit card invoice pages of money services companies like Centi Ltd by placing popular brands and text and thus on top of them and thus sometimes succeed in getting victims to pay bills on their behalf.

We enforce 3D Secure on all credit card transactions to combat fraud and it is also a very effective technology. You will never be charged by Centi Ltd without 3D Secure verification. Further, we are constantly monitoring and improving the security of our systems.

Centi Ltd is not associated with any second-hand trading platforms! Centi Ltd will never invoice you on your card except for our top-up services (https://centi.ch/exchange-terms). Centi is not involved in any verification procedures for other platforms and you will never receive money by providing your credit card details to Centi Ltd.

Please stay vigilant!