A better way to accept electronic payments

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Centi Partnership

Centi plans to redefine payments


No chargebacks or disputes

Yeah, it’s cash, collected for you!


No minimum fee or periodic fees

If you are not making revenue in Bitcoinsv, it doesn’t cost you a cent.


Accept Bitcoinˢᵛ without pressing a single button

No additional devices and it integrates with your cashier system!

The Cash-Register of the 21st Century together with all your other payment options on a single integrated device

Centi is your preferred Bitcoinsv payment enabler!

Paying online with Centi

Accept payments hassle free with no chargebacks or disputes possible

Acceptance of Bitcoinsv is acceptance of digital cash with all the advantages of physical cash for the merchant without its disadvantages.

Receive local currency
Your accountant will like it!
No training needed
Because it’s so simple!
Agree to be listed in our merchant directory
Attract additional revenue!
Shopping with Centi

How we stack up

See how your business can profit from accepting Bitcoinsv and how we compare to card schemes.

Image Debit or Credit card
No chargebacks or disputes Any payment can be contested usually within 90 days
No minimum fee per payment, No periodic fee, Low and fair collection fees Periodic fees, minimum fee per payment
Suitable for micropayments Not suitable for micropayments
Get settled in local currency Get settled in local currency
Fully integrated in the point of sales terminal and cashier system Fully integrated in the PoS terminal and cashier system
Create promotions which reach the consumers directly Promotions through various bonus programs not all customers take part in
No training needed for staff, seamless integration, no specific action from staff needed to collect the payment -
Get listed in our merchant directory to attract additional revenue -
Shopping with Centi

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