About Bitcoinˢᵛ

We consider Bitcoinˢᵛ (BSV) as a continuation of Bitcoin as it was intended to be: Open, transparent, comprehensible, stable, scalable and compliance compatible. The provenance of Bitcoinˢᵛ leads back to the very same Genesis Block as other Bitcoin implementations. The main difference compared to other bitcoin forks is that all the originally intended functionality is restored. Further in Bitcoinˢᵛ economics drive the technology, where others try and have the technology drive the economics. Bitcoinˢᵛ allows us to enable all these extra features you see in Centi such that users and merchants can be in full control of their digital products running on this blockchain.

Centi is convinced that Bitcoin has huge untapped potential. We see this potential in one single blockchain and not dozens. The network effects of all users, merchants and services using the same network vs. separate ones is immanent — after all, we also use one Internet to communicate. In communication we are also using one Internet. While Centi acknowledges the need to have competing blockchains from a global competitive perspective (even in a winner takes it all scenario, there need to be contestants first), we build on what we know works to fulfill our vision and most importantly support our business needs. We keep our cost low by keeping it simple. We don’t need to follow several development groups updates in order to know all the necessary maintenance activities required for different chains and nor do we need to confuse the people working the cashier at our merchant’s outlets. We strive for the highest simplicity and reliability and this can only be achieved by clear focus and building on what supports the anticipated scale of the business.

If you want to learn more about Bitcoinˢᵛ please visit: https://bitcoinsv.io

Do you have additional questions? Check our knowledge-base here https://centi.ch/faq/knowledge-base. We are happy to help you with additional questions and you can reach us under support@centi.ch!