Maximizing Your Remittance Value
with Centi and Centbee in 7 Easy Steps

The step-by-step guide to using Centi and Centbee for your remittance needs from Switzerland to Africa.

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected. We move around more often, for work, studies, or adventure. We often find ourselves living in different countries from our families and friends. In such scenarios, remittances – sending money across borders – become a crucial part of our lives. However, the cost of transferring money internationally can eat into the amount you’re trying to send, which is where Centi and Centbee come in. The two apps enable you to save on remittance fees, potentially increasing the value of the money received by up to 25%.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using Centi and Centbee for your remittance needs from Switzerland to Africa.
Please note that you will need and ID document in Step 6. Further all steps marked with * are only needed once and not if you are sending remittances after the first one:

Step 1: Download and install Centbee App*

Go here to get started with Centbee App.

Video Instructions:
Step 2:: Download and install Centi App*

Go here to download and install the Centi App on your device.

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Step 3:: Top-up Your Centi App with Cash

Load your Centi App with cash. For this click on “Top-Up” and choose “Cash” and select BSV to purchase and you will be able to generate a printable slip which we will send to you by email. Print it out, bring it to any Swiss Post Office and pay it with cash or debit. You will get a receipt email the next morning as soon as your Centi App balance will reflect the top-up.

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Step 4:: Transfer from Centi to Centbee and Refresh your Balance.

Once your Centi account shows the balance in BSV, you can forward them to your Centbee PayMail address. Click on BSV in your Centi App and press “Send” in the lower right. Use the “max” button to transfer all of your BSV. This is an easy process and should reflect in your Centbee app soon after completion.

After sending the BSV from Centi to Centbee, open your Centbee app and use the “…” button to find the “Refresh Balance” option. This action ensures that your Centbee app reflects the recent transaction from Centi.

Video Instructions:
Step 5:: Enter Recipient Details and Transfer Method*
In Centbee, press the “send” button, then tap the “+” button located in the lower right corner of your screen.

Centbee offers you several transfer methods. For this guide, we’re choosing “mobile money.” However, depending on your requirements and payment destination, you may also select “Cash Pickup” or other available options.

Next, you need to enter the details of the recipient, such as their name and mobile number. Make sure all the details are accurate to avoid any transaction issues. Once entered, save these details for future use.

Video Instructions:
Step 6:: ID Verification*

After entering and saving your recipient details, proceed to the send screen.

If you do this for the first time you will be prompted to complete a short ID check. After, you can again use the “max” function in case you want to send all that you had received to the same recipient.

Video Instructions:
Step 7:: Execute the Transfer

The final step is to execute the transfer. Review all the details one last time and confirm the transaction. The funds should be sent to your recipient, and they should receive up to 30% more value compared to traditional remittance methods. Please make sure to ask the recipient for the receipt/screenshot.

If you would like to receive the 20 CHF bonus please fill in this form after you went through the entire process:

Conditions Apply, only once per person that received the previous confirmation from us that they are eligible to receive it.

Centi and Centbee make sending money to your loved ones more affordable, ensuring they receive a larger share of what you send. It’s easy, quick, and efficient. So why not give it a try? With the savings you make, every penny can count toward making your family’s life a little easier.

If you try our services, please let us know your feedback and experience as Centi and Centbee move forward to transform this workflow from only being cheaper to the fastest and most convenient remittance product on the planet.