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Centi is bridging Publishers and Readers through Micropayments


Reach a whole new segment of customers

Attract premium AND non-premium subscribers to your publication


Give your readers more freedom and flexibility

Imagine how happy your readers will be and reward them for their loyalty!


Leverage in the Competition!

Earn revenue even from premium subscribers of other publications!

CENTI’s state-of-the-art micropayments feature will attract readers who are not inclined to get a premium subscription.  


Centi's Micropayments will bridge more readers with publishers

Turn your Paywall from a Reader Rejecter into a Money Collector!  

Empower your readers and watch your revenue grow!

Value for Money
More Options, Less Restrictions
Ease of Use, Fast, Efficient
A Larger Audience Base
Increase Your Audience Base
83% of the population use digital retail. How many of this percentage have premium subscriptions? How many would be interested to pay-per-content if given the option?
Be in the Sweet Spot
46% of customers use a mobile wallet. This places CENTI in a sweet spot because only CENTI offers micropayments.
Bridge the Gap by Busting the Paywall
CENTI's Micropayments will bridge more readers with publishers. Imagine how happy your readers will be!
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How We Compare

Find out how your business can earn more with CENTI .

Readers have the option to pay per content. Access is only given via premium subscription.
Reach out to more readers and increase your revenue potential. Collect revenue only from premium subscribers and advertisement.
Readers can buy content from multiple publications. Readers will have to subscribe to each publication to access content.
Readers get more options and flexibility and are therefore happier! Even people with premium subscriptions think twice before getting yet another one.
Gain more revenue from readers who are not very keen on getting premium subscriptions. Publications only have access to a small niche of readers who purchase their premium subscriptions. Even people with premium subscriptions think twice before getting yet another one.
Know what specific kind of content attracts pay-per-read revenue. Don’t access this revenue stream at all.

Success stories

Find out how CENTI integration changed the business to earn more

Ask us to show you how it works

Let us show you the integrations we have done and contact us to learn how fast you could turn your paywall from a reader rejecter to a revenue collector!

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