360° Suite for the Events Industry

360° Event suite, take care of ticketing, vending cycles as well as all payment for your event including dedicated purpose vouchers like crew consumption credits. No need for dedicated Point of Sale hardware.

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Centi is your 360° event payment and ticketing solution


No need for dedicated point of sales Hardware

With Centi all payment needs are cared for without leasing of dedicated Point of Sales terminals! Easy Set-Up!


Fully digitize your event; leave no one behind

Leverage to power smartphones to automate previous manual labor, allow visitors to stay analogue non the less 


Create your own ticket and voucher economy

Invite your suppliers like food stands to partake in this increased efficiency through electronic payments!

CENTI’s 360° solution will convince  you and your customers but best of all saves you money!



Let us take care of payment needs in all phases of the event!

Plug & Play
Pre Event Services
With Centi you can easily let your guest purchase tickets and top up on the event currency well before the event!
Actual Event
During the event, Centi acts as payment solution for your Food & Berverages, Merchandise etc.. Centi can be recharged easily by Credit Card within the app. But Centi even delivers a solution for the “die-hard-cash-fans” and for those who do not have a mobile phone
Post Event Services
With Centi you can interact with your community also after the Event, providing your community with incentives to come visit again. Also giving the partners of your events the opportunity to provide your visitors with promotions
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How We Compare

Find out how your business can earn more with CENTI .

No expensive dedicated point of sales hardware needed. Require dedicated hardware, expensive to lease.
Includes ticketing out of the box. Expensive external ticketing system is needed advertisement.
Allow a variety of currencies and vouchers to be used, e.g. dedicated crew compensation vouchers in parallel to the regular visitor payment options. Only support for a single means of payment, all special requirement still have to be fulfilled by paper vouchers.
Save labor costs and save your visitors quing by making use of in-app purchases which can then be redeemed (e.g. a burger at the grill) Only allows for either direct payment and consumption or paper coupons have to be used and the cashier has to be maned.
Ultra competitive processing of payments within the event. High set-up costs as well as high procesing costs.
Cashier application provided. External cashier system needed.
Dashboard which allows you to see who has sold what at your event. Ensures no under the table sales. Cash gets losts very often at such events as it is easy to charge a visitor without logging it int he system.
Loyalty Options incentivize your visitors

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