Centi E-commerce Post Pandemic

Centi E-commerce Post Pandemic

Lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic compelled a shift to e-commerce which has revealed the simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and convenience of e-commerce payment solutions.

Digital payment methods are not new but have traditionally been linked to available stash in the bank coupled with minimum purchase values and an expensive authorization process.

Blockchain technology has addressed the need for wider acceptance of digital cash payment options and the Centi digital payment app is the catalyst for fast and efficient digital payments. Payment solutions through the Centi app operate in very much the same manner as dealing with hard cash where micropayment transactions are made possible with no minimum or periodic fees payable.

The benefits of Centi’s digital payment solutions are designed to improve merchant flexibility to increase their customer base while also tending to the needs of consumers that promote ease of use, control over payment options, lower costs and greater convenience that makes a more pleasing and stress-free shopping and payment experience.

Centi payment and tokenization services

As the world emerges from the pandemic, e-commerce and digital payment solutions like mobile wallets and other payment interfaces are poised for stronger growth. Consumers should get nothing but the best service in making online payments and other vital transactions.

Centi offers the most revolutionary payment app for both consumers and merchants! It’s totally a win-win situation as both sides of the transaction benefit from the Centi payment interface.

Consumers can make micropayments in real-time at no cost using the Centi app which is supported by its many partners who are geared to facilitate digital Bitcoin SV payments.

Centi’s digital payment solutions are cost-effective and convenient, both online and via the point of sales terminal. Consumers can store all their digital cash and tokens in one place and have full control of how they are used. What sets payments through the Centi app apart from other forms of payments is that they are in cash and there are no lengthy identification checks.

Consumers benefit directly from innovative merchants who link promotions and other value-added deals directly with the Centi app which gives customers real-time updates that improve the overall shopping experience.

Privacy is a contentious topic and being able to make digital “cash” payments through the Centi app will only detail monetary movements on your wallet. As with normal cash payments, the details of what was purchased or service paid for is for your eyes only.

Paying online or in retail outlets is as easy as scanning the QR-Code or pressing a button on your smartphone and confirming the amount which is fast and convenient as well as hygienic as the transaction is contactless with no card swiping, tapping, or the need to punch in a PIN entry.

Using the Centi app requires no yearly subscription fee, card insurance, or other hidden costs. You will be able to find participating merchants in Centi’s merchant directory and you will also be able to view current information on promotions. With conventional payment methods, customers are required to sign up and provide personal details with the promise of privacy which is oftentimes compromised, and customers are then bombarded with more sign-up promotion deals from numerous sources.

A vital aspect of the Centi app is that you remain in full control of your own wallet and you are the only person who can authorize payments.

Digital cash has set a precedence

The Covid-19 pandemic inspired a surge in digital shopping which continued post-pandemic and is largely due to the simplicity and effectiveness of using digital cash. To merchants, digital shopping allowed them to establish loyalty and grow their customer base, in many cases, beyond their geographical area.

The spike in digital interaction initiated by the pandemic widened the interactive reach of both merchants and consumers, and Centi has been instrumental in providing a user-friendly finance platform that benefits all involved parties.

Digital payment solutions are the future where cash is fast becoming cashless and it is innovative companies like Centi that have a minute carbon footprint, are not laden with exorbitant overheads, and are able to focus on meaningful change in a cashless society.

The unfolding energy crises in Europe now poses a risk to the mobility of the population which enforces the necessity of cost-effective e-commerce options and Centi has already established a safe ethical platform to accommodate digital transactions where you, the merchant, and you, the customer are in control of your privacy and interactions.

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