Launching Beta App: Centi takes its definitive payment solutions interface a step further!

Launching Beta App: Centi takes its definitive payment solutions interface a step further!

Open system, compatible with all your favourite Bitcoinˢᵛ wallets
Centi beta app

Consumers and merchants now have a one-stop-shop for all their payment and consumption needs – events, media, retail, e-commerce as well as custom implementations. Centi is committed to offering a seamless experience unlike any other and for everyone’s benefit.

This super-app is a consumer and merchant’s dream for a variety of reasons. For one, consumers can easily access rewards from their favorite merchants by way of loyalty points, special vouchers, and digital coupons. On the other hand, merchants can offer every kind of promotion and special offer that could potentially draw in more customers. What’s more is that the Centi app can easily help merchants gain a wider customer base for their products and services.

Topping up the Centi app has never been easier. Centi users may top-up their wallet using a variety ways being built for you such as CreditCards, IBAN payments, BSV and others. Easily pick the method that suits your needs best.

Downloading the beta version of the Centi app is fast and easy. In fact, one can already experience how seamless and easy it is to use the app even though it’s still in its beta version. Get to familiarize yourself with the features of the Centi app even before its grand launch. For users, explore and get yourself excited about the prospects of using your BSV for payments, shopping, and other products and services. As for merchants, start to frame and curate how you can maximize the various features of the Centi app to increase your customers and to improve your sales. Contact us for access to the merchant portal.

Merchants and consumers have more to look forward to – tokens. Tokens may be purchased and exchanged for products and services. Creating a token via the Centi Merchant Portal is easy as merchants only need to fill out a form specifying the terms and conditions of the token. Merchants may opt to include a special offer every time a customer makes a payment – such as loyalty points, a special discount, and many more.

Merchants also have the possibility of setting up events or spaces that they curate to showcase their offering or the offerings of a group of collaborating businesses to attract more customers. Users scan the space code and will thus customize their app for a dedicated space. Centi’s merchant directory, which will always be updated, will surely feature these events to attract a significant audience.

Moreover, the Centi app makes it possible for you to send your purchases as gifts to your family and friends. You may buy a token for them and they can have it exchanged for the product or service you bought for them. Indeed, Centi makes sharing easier between you and your loved ones.

Good news is that signing up for a Centi account does not entail a long and complicated registration process. Nor does Centi need a ton of paperwork for you to be able to use the Centi App. All you need to do is to provide a valid email and phone number and you’re good to go. -> LET’S GET STARTED!

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