What CENTI Offers

Access to a previously inaccessible revenue stream

at very low transaction cost even for micropayments

easy to integrate with your centent distribution

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subscribers vs not subscribers

The Red Fish would be willing to pay per read and you are currently not addressing this.

Why is your industry not accessing the
“Pay per read” revenue stream today?

Centi app compared to big players in the market if payments
Mostly because of being afraid cannibalizing your subscribers revenue

But don’t you already offer pay-to-go?

And why not take that business online?
Centi app - Already go

Many readers are willing to pay the full price for an issue, even though they do not read from cover to cover

Centi paywall for news and magazines

Given the fact, that you already offer Pay as you go, at the local newsstand…

The only obstacle left is an adequate pricing for each article while using a cheap payment processor that uses technology which is easy to integrate
Centi app - Already go

How to do this
without getting ripped off by the payment processor?

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PayPal payment system
Twint payment system
counter Visa

Transaction of 1 CHF

So what do you need to make it work?

small fish and token

Simple and convenient integration of Centi into your content distribution


How It Works


Fry both fish, subscribers and non-subscribers to make the most revenue out of your content

Centi app compared to big players
Centi Partnership

Key offering of CENTI

Access to a new revenue stream
small fish and token
Ultra low transaction cost
Easy to integrate

Want to start selling with Centi?

Have a look at our ‘For Business’ page.

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